Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Kidney Disease Solution: my review

The Kidney Disease Solution: Does It Really Heal Your Kidneys?

I know that Dr. Duncan Capicchiano already provided plenty of testimonials on his website.
I also know that thousands of happy costumers are sending him their thanks and appreciations - but still I want provide people with my personal review about a program that helped me a lot*:

The Kidney Disease Solution from Duncan Capicchiano is available here for immediate download. *(you can read my full story here)

The Kidney Disease Solution
I’m sick and tired of seeing people suffering from kidney disease and CKD and other renal problems being pushed fake guru’s recipes and remedies and being scammed.
So please read carefully what I'm writing!

Before buying it, I’ve done extensive research about The Kidney Disease Solution.

Now, I’ll try to answer the most common queries for anyone interested in this product.
  • What does "The Kidney Disease Solution" do?
  • Is it a scam?
  • Is it really worth it?
  • Do I get some bonus for purchasing this course?
  • Can I get a refund if it turns out that I really don’t like it?

What does The Kidney Disease Solution do?

This program consists of information about natural remedies that make your kidneys heal.
And for sure your kidneys are going to need all of the healing energy they can receive.
It also contains information to help you get educated on the reason why your problems first appeared, so you can get rid of them from their roots.

Dr. Duncan Capicchiano
Additionally, you will get yourself a great tea recipe that will improve your levels of energy while diminishing pain and tiredness - in addition to a few guidelines you need to consider before starting to exercise.
One of the best areas of this system, for me, is getting life time up-dates as well as new cutting edge breakthroughs. This is totally free - it’s like a system which keeps on giving and giving.
An additional good point I must talk about regarding Dr. Capicchiano’s program is the e-mail support.
I had some questions regarding one or two details covered within this plan and Dr. Capicchiano always responded to my e-mails and solved the problem personally.

Is it a scam?

A lot of people are asking me this question. How do you tell if a product or a course or a system is scam?
For this kind of product, only one thing can reveal you if you’re facing a scam or a valid product: the refund rate.
An high refund rate should make a bell ring: if people are returning it in great number, then the product could be a scam.
The approximate refund rate for The Kidney Disease Solution is 0.13%, which is amazingly low, and implies that this system is definitely not a scam.

Is it really worth it?

There are lots of verifiable testimonals from pleased buyers on The Kidney Disease Solution's website. Examining these kinds of testimonials is usually a great way of evaluating if the product is good for you. Reading those stories, you could tell if the product is suitable for your situation.

It is possible to read them on the product main site:
(The Kidney Disease Solution doesn't invite a person to consume any unusual foods or strange combinations of foods, nor does it involve that people eat a lot of a particular type of food. For all those motives, it's totally safe for anybody to go on, even those with no kidney problems)

Do I get some bonus for purchasing this course?

One of the bonus products
These days, some websites are providing what’s known as a ‘purchase bonus’. It’s just like a free soft drink when you purchase a hamburger... a “thank you” for buying via their website. Speaking about The Kidney Disease Solution, if you buy the course you’ll get some special bonuses: a 133 page cookbook, a complete health and wellness audio program, a comprehensive guide to balance out blood sugar for diabetics, a mp3 audio meditation from Julie Lewin... and even more. Go to the main site if you want to read about the bonuses:


Can I get a refund if it turns out that I really don’t like it?

Yes, you can. This system is covered by a 60-day no question cash back guarantee from the payment processor ( As a result you can obtain a refund with no need to talk tot he product owners - you can easily get it done via

In coclusion, my review is five Starts for Dr. Capicchiano and five stars for The Kidney Disease Solution.

p.s. I've used this system and I'm still using it with success. It's not just safe, it's tremendously effective. Try it and you will never regret.


  1. Hi Mike! I promised to post a comment if the program you suggested worked for me. And for sure it did! I definitely would recommend this system to anyone suffering from kidney disease - even in the case that you get only a couple of tips from it, they could be what will save you from dialysis or a transplant! I'm really happy that I've found this program!

  2. Hello Frank! I'm Really glad this helped! And thanks for the comment.
    By the way, have you listened the Julie Lewin's cd coming with the program?

  3. I suffered from hypertension since I was forty, and I was diagnosed with acute kidney failure a couple of months later. Then, I had been advised to get ready for dialysis by the doctor. After purchasing this program and following it, it's been one year and six months and I still haven't been through dialysis. The small investment made purchasing this program was really paid back many times over.

  4. Hello my dad has end stage renal failure as a result of high blood pressure and now he is on dialysis for a period of 3yrs .is possible for his kidneys to recover?

  5. My father is at stage 5 ckd but. Still not on dialysis how he can aboid it? Where are your steps?

  6. Can you tell the steps sir??

  7. Hi I'm from India. When I going through remedies CKD for my dad I came to know about Dr Duncan and his book. Then I read all the reviews which gives me positivity. My dads Creatinine level is 10.4 Urea level 156 Phosphorus level 8 Potassium level 5 H. B level 8.9 and his two kidneys got shrinked to 8 both. But he looks healthy because he doesn't have smoking and drinking habit. Dr suggested to go for dialysis. Through naturopathy is there any possibility of getting reverse of CKD and he has moderate prostatomegaly too. We doesn't want to go for dialysis.

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